All Safe Electric Ltd your local electrician
All Safe Electric Ltd your local electrician
The best in Electrical Testing and Inspection
The best in Electrical Testing and Inspection 

The should matter to environment in which we live should matter to all of us, to improve our quality of life and life expectancy and to preserve the planet for future generations.

All Safe Electric is no different from any other organisation in that there are ways we can act, help, influnece and advise in our every day business to preserve and improve our environment whether it makes money, saves money or even costs money within reason it must be worth doing.


All Safe Electric ltd  Environmental & waste disposal Policy

All Safe Electric Ltd is a Winchester based and focused electrical services company (Electrician).


In our every day work we:-

I.      try to work locally, concentrating on the local community wherever possible. The environmental benefits of this approach are to minimise transport fuel bills (diesel) and to minimise marketing costs (printing and travel)


II.      follow the WEEE 2012 guidelines for waste disposal. This is a European directive which requires us to safely dispose of, and recycle where possible, items we replace from time to time such as light bulbs.


III.      strive to use re-cycled paper and products and minimise printing where possible. We prefer to save files electronically on the “Cloud” rather than in printed form.


IV.      promote the use of low power lamps, such as LED technology, wherever suitable. We look for proven and technology evolves we look for proven and reliable cost effective solutions, always testing the technology ourselves before we recommend them. We will maintain an environmental page on our web site to help communicate to customers and suppliers of environmental issues in our industry.


V.      aim to use  Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LS0H) whereever possible, this will be achieved by pointing out to customers the hazards of using PVC products. We will review in December every year using purchase invoices the quantity of PVC and LSOH cable purchased for use.


VI.      remove, free of charge from site with permission from the owner old cable, and after sufficient quantity has been gathered is send it for re-cycling. Any money raised from such re-cycling is details in the company accounts.


VII.      regularly review this policy will be and further update it before June 2020.



Mike Footer I.Eng MIET

Managing Director



1st June 2019


01962 861061


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