EV Charging installation consultant
EV Charging installation consultant
EV Charge point installation for home and work place
EV Charge point installation for home and work place

EV Charger Installations in Hampshire

Home EV Charger installation fron £295 with earth rod and isolator

Based in Winchester serving the whole of Hampshire. Best support and prices


We are Olev approved for Home and Work Place £500 grants on your behalf and approved by all major manufacturers including Rolec, MyEnergi (Zappi), EO Charging and Growatt. Some major manufacturers' headline price are not realistic, they somtimes skip the details.


As as an independent installer we can help you make the right choice of charger to sut your life style. 

Work Place Charging

We are partners with EO Charging for work place solutions. The EO Genius system pictured here provides easy to use App or RFID access. The system is usually set up with Automatic Load Management thereby ensuring charge point use will not overload the supply or use capacity for essential for business operations.

The EO system is very modular which means that we can enginner a solution for you now and in the future.

Picture show one of our customers installs based Southampton.

Call us now on 01962861061 or 07789097637  or mike@allsafeelectric.co.uk or just go to our contact page


Home Charging

Olev EV Charger comparison

Our best value  Smart Home charger.

The Groworks from ProjectEV.

A fully featured charger with smart phone control, peak/off peak programming for use with Economy 7 or Solar panels.

Simple install from £295* with Olev £500 grant.

Also approved for Work place charging.


*Basic install price includes 5m of cable, switchgear and earth rod. 

The charger requires a WiFi connection.

We have installed quite a few iof these chargers and the Smart phone App works very well. The photo is of an install in Alresford

MyEnergy's Zappi smart charger designed with the Solar panel market in mind to automatically use excess solar power !

The unit also works with MyEnergi's other products such as the Harvi 

A very popular charger witht the new 2019 model being shown here which we instaed in Andover

Solar installation from £685 with Hub and Harvi * with Olev grant. 


*Includes smart hub 



The EO Mini pro, the smallestand smartest charger on the market. Available in silver or black. 

Lots of options availble. Installation with Type A RCD near your meter box around £595 with Olev grant.

This is one of our installs in Sutton Scotney

Home EV Charging EVHS grants £500

For domestic customers we will come and conduct a site survey this is to ensure:

  1. Your parking locations qualifies for an Olev grant (£500)
  2. Your electricity supply and consumer unit (fuse box) is suitable for use with an EV Charger.
  3. Check possible location for earth rod – Yes in most cases you do ned one.
  4. Discuss routing of cables.
  5. Discuss your exact requirements, for the charger, even the colour
  6. Take you MPAN number – its on the top of your electricity bill so we can keep everything legal with SSE.
  7. Work out any upgrades to your electrical supply system required.
  8. ONLY THEN we will give you an amazing competitive price with NO hidden extras!
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Work Place EV Charging WCS grants up to £10,000

Many of the charge point manufacturers will confuse you with too many possibilities to comprehend costing up to several thousand pounds, or just go for the simplest solution to bag a quick sale.


It’s important you get it right because the wrong decision can impact your whole business.

We work with EO Charging one of the UK's major charge point manufactureres.

This is because EO's level of support is second to none, and they have a product that is modular and so can be adapted to most business installations.


Most importnatly EO can use Automatic Load Management whereby the elecrtical supply to your busines critical circuits is assured,


It could be that your business charge point installation requirement is just for one or two charge points, but if you want to make maximum use of the Olev grant ( up to 20 sockets at £500 each) then  you will need us to help with


  1. Existing electrical supply characteristics.
  2. Potential location and quantity of charge points.
  3. Scoping of management and operational requirements.
  4. Liaison with Distribution Network Operators (DNO), SSE for example
  5. Data communications WIFI etc for control
  6. Application of WCS grant.
  7. Issue of detailed bid requests to recommended short list of charge point suppliers.
  8. On going support requirements from your chosen supplier

For your free initial consultation and initial site survey please contact us

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